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This Greek text is also referred to as the Textus Receptus.Erasmus did not include the infamous Comma Johanneum of 1 John 5:7-8 in either his 1516 or 1519 editions of his Greek New Testament with very good reason.Martin Luther kept out verse 7 from his German Bible (1545).

(” So we can see in the above list that only the KJV and the NKJV Bible have included the added text.

There are numerous Scholars in fact that inform us that this passage has a spurious comment which has been added.

The textual Scholar Bart Ehrman described this forgery as follows: “” Thus the scholarly consensus is that this passage is a Latin corruption that found its way into a Greek manuscript at an early date while being absent from the THOUSANDS of other manuscripts.

Note the words of The New Bible Commentary: Revised, “Notice that AV [the Authorized Version] includes additional material at this point.

But the words are clearly a gloss [an added note] and are rightly excluded by RSV [the Revised Standard Version] even from its margins. These two manuscripts are of very late dates, one from the fourteenth or fifteenth century and the other from the sixteenth century.

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