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Obviously the time period is a fairly lengthy period, and the style of furniture exhibited some changes throughout the overall period.

Basically, the term Jacobean is used to describe all furniture that was manufactured during the reigns if King James I through to King James II.

Both types of furniture may be considered Jacobean antique style furniture, but the English variety will usually be more sought after.

Also, the naming conventions may differ, as the American would usually have renamed the furniture of this era as Early American furniture, although based on Jacobean design and styling.

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From about the middle part of the 16th century, around about 1650 or the so-called middle mark of the Jacobean period, the Commonwealth Style which was plainer in style had more of an influence on the furniture styling.

The intensity of the live music performances in the film are as visceral as those of the real band.

It is a credit to the actors that they played everything live on screen, it serves to create memorable performances.

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The latter period of Jacobean design had more embellishments on the furniture, with most tables being adorned with carved panels and other ornamental twists.

The choice to film in black and white was the right one.

It sets the tone perfectly for Ian Curtis' gray and lifeless hometown of Macclesfield in 1973.

JACOBEAN You may have heard of the term Jacobean style antique furniture but not had a good understanding of what this style of furniture actually is, or the design and styling influences.

Never before have I heard or seen of Jacobean, until today, so I set off to find out how or who and when or why this particular stunning 3 piece lounge setting was called JACOBEAN and this is what I discovered.

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