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Some MB parts were used in early CJ-2A Universal jeeps.Bottom line IMO, if you are restoring your Army MB to WW II "factory condition" paint its hood registration numbers in A-2594 lusterless blue drab paint.This was double the amount from the 2006 elections.The ‘diplomats’ (Mossad agents of the Kidon Unit) at the Israeli Embassy in Vienna were not at all happy with the results of the election, nor Haider’s rising popularity, nor his speech (his last) on the Zionist bankers, which was the of which VW officials insist is the one of the safest cars on the road.But VW officials insist that the VW Phaeton’s ‘physics’ should have been able to handle the speed of Haider’s alleged acceleration as he maneuvered the car around the curve just prior to the “crash.” Regarding the alleged “drunken state” of Haider at the time of the accident, Haider’s colleagues at the intoxicated.Haider’s associates say that the official investigation had all the earmarks of a “cover-up,” arguing that the investigation results of the renowned political figure, Jorg Haider, required weeks of examination, not days.

Actual start date is uncertain at this time, however, o According to Accounting Dept.- Ford Archives.communications "Stimsonite reflectors " were a proposed change in the original cost estimate for the second GPW contract.This is not to say Stimsonite reflectors started at the second contract but it would indicate that they were not used on the first GPW contract since the second contract estimate was based on March 23, 42 first contract production. That is whatever the actual cost of producing a 1/4 ton truck was the Government was charged exactly that, plus Ford's profit (about .00 per vehicle).vis a vis the thousands of Israeli embassies, consulates, and missions throughout the world.One such Israeli embassy is located in Vienna Austria, 200 kms from Klagenfurt, where Jorg Haider was “killed in a car crash” while on his way to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday on October 11 2008. Only 16 days before Haider’s “car crash,” he openly spoke out against the “criminal elite Zionist bankers.” (The ADL kept an active file on “Jorg Haider.”) Four days after Haider’s speech against the Zionist bankers, the had won 29% of the votes in Austria’s September 29 2008 election results for seats on the Austrian parliament.

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