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The people of the Jōmon period lived mainly by hunting and fishing and by gathering edible nuts and roots.

The appearance of large settlements from the Middle period onward has been interpreted by some scholars as implying the cultivation of certain types of crop—a hypothesis seemingly supported by the fact that the chipped-stone axes of this period are not sharp but seem to have been used for digging soil.

From the Middle period onward there is increasing variety in the types of vessels, and a clear distinction developed between high-quality ware using elaborate techniques and simpler, purely functional pots.

The amount of the latter type increases steadily, preparing the way for the transition to Yayoi pottery.

For years certain scholars have claimed that the bearers of the Jōmon culture were ancestors of the Ainu, an indigenous people of northern Japan.

Nothing certain is known, however, concerning social or political organization at this period.

It can be deduced that each household was made up of several family members and that the settlement made up of such households was led by a headman or shaman.

Remains of such dwellings have been found in groups ranging from five or six to several dozen, apparently representing the size of human settlements at the time.

Most of these settlements form a horseshoe shape, with a space in the centre that seems to have been used for communal purposes.

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