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The extreme version, where a person kills not just their parents but their entire people or clan is Genocide from the Inside.

One subversion is to have this happen by accident and/or for the parents' death be ultimately caused by their own actions involving the child.

Contrast with Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas, which is based on the premise that no one, no matter how bad, would act this way.

If it happens before the murderer is born, this is the Grandfather Paradox.

Several other films did quite well too, including gambling film Tazza: The High Rollers and comedy 200 Pounds Beauty.

Here he plays this role with a mixture of world-weary passivity and sudden, electric bursts of violence.With so many films produced, and with the budgets of many films having grown out of control, a very small number of Korean films from 2006 ended up turning a profit.In contrast to the start of the year, when a huge number of films were in production, by year's end many investors had decided to hold back on funding any new films for a while, and the mood seemed to bode ill for 2007.What might be considered the inverse of Offing the Offspring, and is an equally aberrant behavior, is when a character murders their own parents.Any character behaving this way will probably be Ax-Crazy and/or a Psycho for Hire.

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