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The Norwegian CEO of Rich Meet Beautiful Sigurd Vedal announced on Thursday, September 28, in Het Laatste Nieuws, a Belgian newspaper, that the advertising campaign would be withdrawn after Belgium's advertising watchdog, the Advertising Ethics Jury (Jury d’éthique publicitaire), received a flood of complaints.A number of boroughs in the city of Brussels had already banned the adverts."Not only does it reach the heights of crass sexism, but it champions student prostitution," he added.The billboard advertises Rich Meet Beautiful, a website launched in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland in August 2017 that bills itself as a dating website for ‘sugar daddy dating’. This poster is indeed on display outside the university.Editor's wish to help you find which site is the most suitable for you. The most important thing is that you must be active and patient.The editor does not list the so-called "free" sugar daddy sites. Write more about yourself and your match,make your profile as complete as you can. According to the survey that members with photos can get 20 times contacts than members without photos. While communicating with your sugar daddy / sugar baby through email / message, try to make your email content more easy to understand,humor, and funny, more personalized. Facts prove that interesting people can make others be more interested in them. Try to spend some time everyday to check your email and reply your matches’ message timely. Some people will give up several days later if they didn’t find suitable matches.

Seeking Arrangement, for example, has the ‘Sugar Baby University’: a ranking that lists which universities have the most sugar babies signed up to the site.A photo of one of the huge adverts for ‘sugar daddy’ website Rich Meet Beautiful began to circulate on Facebook on Monday, September 25.Our Observer is a former ‘sugar baby’, who explained why the ‘sugaring’ lifestyle might appeal to students. This poster is indeed on display outside the university," wrote François Dubuisson as he posted the photo of the controversial advert, which was towed around university campuses in the Belgian capital, Brussels, this week.Not only does it reach the heights of crass sexism, but it clearly champions student prostitution (of women, of course).Photo taken this morning, advertising panel towed by a car, on the Avenue FD Roosevelt (opposite [the square] Janson).

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