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That's because it's highly customizable, strong on security and privacy and performance, and supports a slew of new standards. Google Chrome It's been a leading browser since its debut in 2008, especially when it comes to speed and minimalism.Chrome still ranks high as a browser to keep in your arsenal.It will even automatically check USB drives you insert and launch a "vaccination" against launched processes on the USB drive.Just watch out during Panda installation as it tries to reset some of your defaults—the price you pay for "free." LMMS Don't have the cash for Pro Tools or even Garageband?Defraggler's interface makes it brain-dead simple to do on NTFS and Fat32 file system drives. Slim Cleaner Free Tuning up a PC is a lonely process.Slim Cleaner introduces community-based problem solving to the mix; it makes improvements based on data collected from all users.

Windows Phone, NAS devices You get 5GB free from IDrive to back up files from all your devices.don't get the attention they used to in today's mobile world. The real work (and a lot of the play) of computing requires a full personal computer system. As PCs compete with smartphones, it gets even better. Free programs have been a mainstay of the desktop experience for decades, and the offerings only get more powerful and fascinating each year.Software developers can adopt an ad-based model, donation-ware to keep things afloat, or a shareware/freemium model that charges for extra features. To make ends meet, many creators of otherwise great free software, or the services that offer the programs for download, bundle in things you don't want.Worse, the installation routine obfuscates the steps, so you provide the unwanted program tacit permission to be installed.

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