Gps assisted dating

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An important piece of equipment on each GPS satellite is an extremely accurate atomic clock.The time on the atomic clock is sent down to earth along with the satellite’s orbital position and arrival times at different points in the sky.The primary purpose of the 12 visible satellites is to or GPS module can calculate its position and time.The data sent down to earth from each satellite contains a few different pieces of information that allows your GPS receiver to accurately calculate its position and time.A GPS receiver must be able to get a lock on 4 satellites to be able to solve for a position.The first lock it gets allows the receiver to obtain the almanac information and thus what other satellites it should listen for.DGPS requires a specific type of GPS receiver and gets centimeter accuracy.

There are decades of engineering that went in to giving you accurate position anytime, anywhere.If the GPS receiver’s antenna can see at least 4 satellites, it can accurately calculate its position and time. Along with satellites and GPS receivers, there are ground based stations that can communicate with the satellite network and some GPS receivers.This system is formally called the control segment and increases the accuracy of your GPS receiver.These tiny devices can instantaneously give your exact position and time, almost anywhere on the planet, for free!All you need is a GPS receiver, and receivers are getting less expensive and smaller every day.

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