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Numerous devices, some with touch and some without, and with widely varying processing power meant you never quite knew what to expect when you picked up a Kindle.That’s now been fixed, with Amazon releasing a new interface, which is available on all models dating back to 2013. Top left is a small area for what you’re currently reading, with three books shown. The menu icons and text at the top have been refined and look sharp and modern.When actually reading there’s been a number of improvements.For starters, Amazon’s much-improved new typesetting engine is finally here, more on that below.Beside this is an area that lists samples you’ve downloaded, books in your Amazon wishlist and titles taken from the Good Reads service – if you use it. There’s easy access to the few settings people really use, aeroplane mode, screen brightness and sync.It’s an improvement on digging into the old settings menu.Words used to line up with the start and end of every line, with extra spaces littered throughout the text to achieve this, often a lot of them.The new typesetting is more like a real book, with overrunning words split by hyphens across two lines. However, e Pub readers such as the Kobo Glo HD, are still more refined and flexible.

However, Amazon's font size options are still pretty limited, even after the recent update, with only eight sizes in total and only two I'd consider.

The difference aren't huge, but the team agreed that the Kobo felt more comfortable held in one hand.

Compared to the basic £59 Kindle, it's around the same size and a touch heavier, but the rubberised finish is infinitely preferable to the cheap-feeling plastic box of the entry model.

These are all minor details though, with the basic curved-off all-black design remaining intact.

You can also choose the Kindle Paperwhite in a white finish, which is new.

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