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A positive diagnosis handled badly is often the main trigger for HIV denialism, agrees Kirill Barsky, programme director of Steps, an HIV patient group in Moscow.Vereschagina’s case is an extreme example of how not to inform patients, but it isn’t unique.Sometimes they are successful, but more often than not they are not.HIV denialism can be a closed group, says Vorobyov, and the ties that bind leaders to new victims are strong: “Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do.” “Denialism is usually a coping mechanism for people in crisis,” says former HIV denialist Julia Vereshchagina.For whatever reason, those in charge chose not to take her away from her foster father, a local priest. His group monitors Russia’s denial communities for clues about people, especially children, who might be at risk.When possible, they alert the authorities and try to pull people away.You can often chart the story of an HIV denialist live on social media. This year, Russia recorded the third highest number of new HIV cases anywhere in the world.From dismissing the scientific truth about the virus to the development of Aids symptoms and ultimately to death, the progression is as predictable as it is heartbreaking. But trust in doctors remains low, and a joined-up public health policy lacking.

I remember one denialist asked me if I had contracted HIV from stress.” For the quietly spoken head of the Federal Aids Centre, Vadim Pokrovsky, dealing with “demagoguery” is part of the job.

Vereshchagina found out her positive diagnosis in 2007, after being tested without her consent during a routine appendicitis operation.

She found out the news after doctors paid a visit to her parents’ house.

So desperate patients turn to alcohol, drugs, and then they turn to the internet.

Here they make a discovery that HIV doesn’t have to exist. That it's the toxic medicine and anal sex that cause Aids.

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