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Twice-married Lynda had been a single mother for 12 years.

Her 1975 marriage to film producer Greg Smith had lasted just one year — unconsummated — and her second, to Italian waiter Nunzio Peluso — the father of her two sons — had been scarred by violence and domestic abuse.

Lynda OBE: With Michael (to her right) and her sons Michael and Robbie (on her left) and stepson Bradley, she smiles proudly as she holds her OBE medal during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in March this year Neither was looking for love when they met.

Michael, a divorced former nightclub owner, was living the life of Riley in Spain after his first 25-year marriage — from which he has two adult children — ended.

Lynda turned down Michael’s first marriage proposal, saying she was too old to marry again.

There was, of course, no escaping her fame, even at their wedding.

They arrived to see a smiling Lynda at the door and also on her TV set — appearing in the penultimate episode of the police soap The Bill.‘It was surreal.Expect from three to four hours walking every touring day.The pace is moderate, however you will encounter some uneven surfaces, stairs, steps and significant slopes.On Saturday, in his first interview since her death, Lynda Bellingham’s husband Michael spoke movingly to the Mail of the astonishing courage with which she faced terminal bowel cancer. Michael, 59, buried his beloved wife Lynda on November 3, ten years to the day they met. Lynda’s death last month from bowel cancer, he says, has left an unbearable chasm in his life.Here, he recalls the start of their love affair — and the strains it had to survive . Property developer Michael was a constant presence by her side as she undertook her final TV interviews and public appearances to say goodbye to her fans and thank them for their overwhelming outpouring of love.

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