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Then it is probable to infer that the applicant’s diabetes was significantly contributed by the haloperidol severe reaction in 1981, and went unnoticed and untreated by the Army and other State institutional health system until early to late 2005, which was noticed when it was severely aggravated and accelerated stage.

The literature shows that there is a significant correlation with schizophrenia.

I was caught up by total surprise and could not respondent to such sudden finality of close of the hearing and no accommodation for rebuttals from me.

Even the prior tribunals had recalled the experts to rebuttals.

I have provided to him all the criminal convictions, all issues with police, family courts and many courts, my ongoing problems with Chief of Army, hospitals, military pension, being declared bankrupt by Chief of Army and so much continuous problems of my mental and physical and emotional survival truthfully based on contrition and heartfelt confession.

Professor Jha has seen me now from 2003 continuously and has accounted for my culture appropriately.

He has more knowledge of epidemiology that concerns migrants and minorities than Professor Goldney, the very book Professor Goldney provided to this tribunal (now exhibit) the chapter 5 with many pages missing, which had more specific focus on Bradford criteria and associated elements of causality and effect, temporality and much more.

This juncture in time I have to rely that Professor Jha does not agree with Professor Goldney at all, and Professor Jha has seen all the materials in cursory glance whatever was provided to Professor Goldney by the Australian Government Solicitor plus much more materials I have provided to him over the years.I am comfortable with his appropriate diagnosis and my mental health has been stabilized over the time I have seen him.I agree with the view that other white male psychiatrists grossly overlooked my culture and mental problems and inadequately diagnosed me.However, in all this matter and involving Western Union International Financial Services a deed of settlement has been reached has been the applicant’s evidence, and the Australian Government Solicitor’s (AGS) has remained silent about it.The Australian Federal Police’s civilian lawyers Philip Fox went over the head of the AGS.

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