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The content will cover topics including the following: * Organisation of human body, anatomical terminology, the principles of support and movement, the control systems of the human body, maintenance and continuity of the body and finally, biomechanics and functional anatomy of the limbs.(Language of instruction: English) The course has been successful in its aims in providing individuals with a good grounding in Medical Physics.

A recent survey of graduates showed that around 75% of them had found employment in a Medical Physics-based career.

Important Notice: A New York State professional license is valid for life unless it is revoked, annulled, or suspended by the Board of Regents.

To practice in New York State your professional license must be registered.

Fancy names with the copy-paste function, reputation and popularity.The majority of lectures and course materials are delivered by hospital staff.The course provides a unique opportunity to see the operation of a busy academic hospital.The syllabus contains modules covering traditional Medical Physics topics, such as Radiation Fundamentals, and Hospital and Radiation Safety, but also provides an introduction to other areas like Clinical Instrumentation, Modules in Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Informatics and Safety and Risk Management.The course is accredited by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) and is, therefore, recognised as a component of IPEM professional training.

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