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Paola, no longer interested in him, plans her return to Mexico to take back her place as the real Paola Bracho.Paola's plan is discovered and Paulina escapes from Mexico, but Carlos Daniel's son, Carlitos, tries to find Paulina, who he thinks is his real mother, but with a broken foot, he falls from a hill, smashes his head on a rock, and loses his memory. Paola returns and brings even more chaos: she finds out that Carlitos is missing and Paulina is missing.A mexican telenovela TV show about a romantic story between Esmeralda Rosales and Jose Armando Peñnareal.Esmeralda is a blind and very poor young girl living in a shack with her stepmother...The show's premise revolves around a pair of twin sisters who were separated when they were young, and as adults the younger sister is forced to act as a "replacement" for her wealthy twin who wants to temporarily leave her husband and his family to enjoy a life of luxury with multiple lovers.The telenovela had huge success in Mexico with ratings of 38.4 Gabriela Spanic has a dual role as the protagonist/main antagonist, Fernando Colunga starred as the protagonist.

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Paola though rich, is a frivolous, evil woman who has many lovers, including her brother in-law Willy.

Chantal Andere, Dominika Paleta, Azela Robinson, Mario Cimarro and Juan Pablo Gamboa starred as the antagonists.

Yadhira Carrillo as special guest antagonist at Mas Alla de la Usurpadora Paola and Paulina are twins who were separated at birth.

Eventually, Paulina hears about Carlitos and returns to the Bracho House.

Paola went to travel the world with her famous lover Douglas Maldonado, so Paulina pretends to be Paola again because Carlos Daniel's grandmother Abuela Piedad does not want Paulina to go to jail.

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