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Dependent upon the date of registration and type of certificate it is possible to locate information such as names of parents, spouse, siblings and children, date and place of birth for parents, and burial details.Copies of birth, death and marriage certificates must be purchased directly from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.Divorce files have a 75 year restricted access period.Further information on accessing restricted records can be found on our Accessing Restricted Records page.In 1861 jurisdiction for the administration of deceased estates was transferred to the Supreme Court, which still retains this function today.Many of the records created by these courts in the course of administering deceased estates have been transferred to the State Records Office.Most of these marriage records are locality based and consist of registers of notice of marriage.General: The State Records Office holds divorce records created by the Supreme Court of WA covering the period 1864-1976.

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Information relating to early coronial inquests can best be located through the records of the relevant local courthouse or local police station.Furthermore, the findings of inquests are often reported in newspapers (particularly for country areas) and details of verdicts can also be found in the Police Gazette.Additionally, some surviving bound Inquest and Reports of Deaths Registers dating back to the 1920's are still held by the Coroner's Court.The administration of deceased estates in Western Australia was originally a function of the Civil Court of WA.Wills were registered and deposited with the Civil Court from 1832-1861, as were letters of administration granted when a person died intestate (without a will).

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