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Radio-based triggers simply don’t fail as line-of-sight is not needed.

It’s not a must-have for me but it’s the biggest nice-to-have that’s missing.

That means one unit can be both a transmitter and receiver as needed.

This makes it easier to prepare for equipment failures as you’d only need to buy one extra unit for backup purposes. I like that they take standard AA batteries but I’m sure they could be shrunk down with a bit more engineering.

hi, for those who are interested, I've tried out the pixel king triggers.pro: they really do HSS TTLcon 1- they don't support A77 (etc) on patch 1.04.

a new firmware will be released when it is 2: (or maybe a wish actually) - even though you can select to fire the flash (trigger) as a wireless flash, you lose the ability to access the wireless protocols, even though you are still able to fire the flash as a "wireless flash" (setting selected in camera). i can't use 1 trigger to trigger multiple units of my flash via wireless.

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