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During this time, however, Olympic lifting was beginning to decline in popularity, and new strength-based sports were starting to emerge.It was also during this time that bodybuilding started to gain in popularity and pick up traction in America.Powerlifting differs from Olympic lifting because the two sports use completely different movements to gauge strength.What’s interesting, however, is the in which these lifts are different.Following the “barbell craze” of the late 2000’s, powerlifting has seen a kind of resurgence in popularity.Long considered a fringe activity, many young lifters are now flocking to powerlifting gyms and signing up for meets across the country (even a lot of bodybuilders are starting to get in on the action).Like most competitive sports, they’re also broken off by weight class to allow athletes of varying sizes the ability to compete with one another.It’s important to distinguish between powerlifting, which is a relatively recent sport, and Olympic weightlifting, which has been around for much longer.

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Unlike the various “strongman competitions” you’ve probably seen, which involve lifting heavy stones and tossing logs, powerlifting is much more simple – you bench press, you squat, you deadlift…and that’s it.

No, a lot of powerlifters aren’t as fat as you’d imagine, but carrying around a bit of extra flab can actually be beneficial in the sport (either way, you can kiss the razor-sharp abs goodbye).

It also requires some risk – it’s no great secret that loading a 600-pound bar on your back and squatting down with it is something that can go very, very wrong.

Success in powerlifting all comes down to one thing – how strong you are in these basic, compound movements.

During a competition, lifters are surrounded by spotters and given three attempts for each lift.

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