Problems updating mac os with windows

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These 10 top tips for getting your Mac working again address specific types of problems; some are more general in nature.

And some tips, such as creating a spare user account, are designed to help you prepare for problems in advance, rather than actually diagnose them.

Some Mac users are reporting wi-fi difficulties after updating to mac OS Sierra 10.12.

The most common wireless networking problems seem to be either randomly dropping wi-fi connections after updating to mac OS Sierra, or an unusually slow or delayed wi-fi experience after updating a Mac to Sierra 10.12.

But when and if your Mac refuses to finish booting, it can be a disaster, especially if it happens when you're working against a deadline.

This includes security updates that are pushed out on ​Patch Tuesday.

Unfortunately, sometimes one or more of those patches will cause a problem, ranging from serious ones like error messages preventing Windows from starting, to less serious ones like video or audio problems.

This is easiest in a home environment where you can just unplug the router, let it sit for a minute or so, then plug it back in again. But what if your wi-fi is still dropping, still slow, still losing a wi-fi connection randomly when waking from sleep or for no apparent reason? Assuming you’ve already removed the wi-fi preference files in the first major troubleshooting section above and wi-fi is still problematic with mac OS Sierra, you can proceed Exit out of System Preferences and open an app that uses the internet like Safari, your wi-fi should work great now.

Obviously for a work or school computing environment that may not be possible though. This troubleshooting method of specifying DNS (and, importantly, using known to be working DNS) with a lower custom MTU setting of 1453 is time tested and has routinely worked for resolving some of the most stubborn wi-fi networking problems in mac OS Sierra and going further back to many prior Mac OS X releases too, each of which is often accompanied by some limited examples of wireless networking difficulties.

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