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It receives barely any rainfall and temperatures are commonly above fifty degrees celsius. He has been practicing Permaculture for nearly thirty-five years.Geoff and his team began by digging water harvesting ditches, or swales, to collect every bit of rainfall that fell on the site and distributed it to planting areas.This will make it possible to grow vegetables onsite.While the worlds deserts are some of the most inhospitable places on earth, around a billion people live in them. Permaculture could be a huge benefit to the region.They situated vegetable beds in between tree rows and used water in the swales for irrigation.As the trees grew and dropped their leaves more valuable organic material was collected and used for mulch and soil building. The salt content on the site was drastically diminished after a couple of years.

A project in one of the driest places on Earth is proving that Permaculture principles and techniques can transform even the most brutal ecosystem into an oasis garden.

The Greening the Desert project in Jordan was started in 2001 as a demonstration site to test Permaculture techniques in an extremely arid environment.

The ten acre site is a couple km from the Dead Sea. He is a Permaculture consultant, designer, and teacher with experience in fifty countries on six continents.

Fertility continued to accumulate from water circulating slowly through the environment and organic materials falling to earth and decomposing.

Although the original project was abandoned, new work has begun.

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