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Season 4, Episode 23May 28, 2012Amy's mistaken about why she's the focus of gossip, and Grace grows jealous of her.

Elsewhere, Ashley and her mom return from traveling abroad; and Ben asks his father to let him enroll in Dylan's school.

Season 4, Episode 13September 5, 2011Ricky feels stressed as he writes his valedictorian speech, which includes a surprise for Amy.

Postgraduation, the kids attend a party, where Grace meets Daniel's former girlfriend and two unexpected guests arrive.

Season 4, Episode 7July 25, 2011Ricky gets rejected from a local college, so Amy tries to correct the situation, despite Ricky's request that she not get involved.

Elsewhere, Ben believes that Adrian is moving on to another guy, and he isn't happy about it; and Grace adjusts to dating a college man.

Season 4, Episode 1June 13, 2011Adrian grows despondent and refuses to leave her home, so Ben asks Amy to visit her.

Meanwhile, Leo has a discussion with Dylan's parents; Ricky and Nora try to bond over dinner; and Grace learns a surprising secret.

Season 4, Episode 4July 4, 2011Amy fears her son is ill, but Ricky disagrees and their argument intensifies at the hospital.

Elsewhere, Ben continues to seek a way to end his marriage, while Adrian tests his feelings for her.

Season 4, Episode 2June 20, 2011Ben and his dad make confessions to each other about their marriages.

Elsewhere, Betty reaches out to Adrian; Ashley forges ahead with her trip; and Ricky is displeased that Amy hid the truth about their new living situation from Adrian.

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